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Meet the "Guggmans"

The idea for Guggman Haus Brewing Co. developed in 2015 from identical twin sisters Courtney Guggenberger and Abby Gorman, and their husbands Derek and Ryan. The Guggenbergers spent time living in Germany where they grew an appreciation for quality beer, and the Gormans spent time in Denver, exploring the mountains and the local beer scene.


Their passion for exploration of cultures, community and the outdoors, and ultimately, the love of craft beer and the moments it creates, led to the long journey of developing a physical space for community to gather and beer to be shared. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, Guggman (Goog-Man) is a combination of their last names!


Guggman Haus Brewing Co. represents a spirit of adventure and exploration, while being grounded in home and community. “Haus” (the German spelling of “house”) represents the taproom being built as an extension of their homes.  


We love having people over, and you’re invited to our Indianapolis brewery!

Guggman Haus Founders.jpg

The Boyle Racing Headquarters

Back in the 1930's and 1940's, 1701 Gent Avenue was known as the Boyle Racing Headquarters. It was home to the three time Indy 500 winner Wilbur Shaw, along with the owner Mike Boyle and many other famous drivers and mechanics. For over a decade, the property was completely dilapidated, until a group of vintage racing enthusiasts joined together with Indiana Landmarks to save what was left of the building. There is so much Indianapolis history in this property. If it weren’t for Wilbur Shaw, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway would not exist as it does today!


The two-story family house on the Boyle property, which was built in 1916, has been restored and housed the Guggman brewery and taproom from June 2019-June2021. The footprint of the larger building (20,000 square feet) has been re-constructed and now houses the Guggman brewery, 100+ seat taproom, event space (The Festhall), The Cabin Kitchen and the Boyle Racing Shop.

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